Family Courts in America

Family Court in’s  mission:  Working together to protect our children in our nation’s family courts.   If you go to  The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website, you’ll see, “800,000 children younger than 18 are missing each year…”  You’ll also see this: “The largest number of missing children are, from most frequent to least frequent: … [Read more…]

Falsley Accused Moms New York Metro

Hard to Believe that in every state and even the metropolitan New York City, Mothers continue to fight against the Patriarchal system that considers women and children property.  Falsely Accused Moms has organized to fight the unconstitutional rulings and false allegations used against mothers trying to protect themselves and their children from abuse. No mother … [Read more…]

Statistics Confirm the High Rate of Incest in Child Sexual Abuse

During our Child Abuse Awareness Campaign we have found several excellent sources of information- It is estimated that one million violent crimes involving child victims are reported to the police annually and Child Protection Services substantiates an additional 1.1 million cases of child abuse per year. Yet over ninety percent of crimes perpetrated against children … [Read more…]

Untold Horror Stories of CPS and Family Courts

  Join Author Aleah Holland and Melissa Barnett from Mothers of Lost Children for Tonights Topic…Why I March! Tonights special guest Linda Marie Sacks a protective mom, with the Florida Now Family Law Committee and advocate who marches with Mothers of Lost Children in DC. Linda Marie Sacks is the FL NOW Co-Chair of the … [Read more…]

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights says United States Violates the Rights of Mothers

Jessica Gonzales v. United States of America The Human Rights Clinic of Columbia Law School and the American Civil Liberties Union represent Jessica Lenahan, formerly Gonzales, in Jessica Gonzales v. United States of America. Gonzales, whose daughters were abducted by her estranged husband in 1999 and killed after the police repeatedly refused to enforce her domestic … [Read more…]

Little Voices first fundraiser this Saturday

The non profit organization, The Little Voice Project, is putting on its very first fundraiser! We are holding a 48 hour clothing drive on the lawn at Davis Community Church. We will be camping out and collecting any sort of used clothing, shoes, purses, table linens, bath linens, and stuffed animals! If it’s made of … [Read more…]

Trafficking and Kidnapping through US Courts

~We march because the majority of child abductions in the US are of children involved in custody disputes, children in foster care, and homeless children attempting to escape abusive homes.  According to   The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website, you’ll see, “800,000 children younger than 18 are missing each year…”  You’ll also see this: “The largest … [Read more…]

American Children forced to flee the USA to be safe   Just before Christmas when I was 7 years old, I was torn from my loving mother’s arms and handed over kicking and screaming to the father who was abusing my brother and me. My Dad had fractured my brother’s skull by repeatedly slamming him into a wall. He had testified in court that … [Read more…]

I March for Elsa Newman

Mothers of Lost Children are returning to Washington DC for our 5th year of protests, vigils and march’s.  Margaret Candler is devoted to the “Free Elsa Newman: an innocent mother” campaign Margaret Candler, Maryland, USA Why I March,   When I carry my sign to Free Elsa Newman on the DC Metro, people often ask … [Read more…]