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“Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

2010 Mothers of Lost Children at the Whitehouse

Mothers need representation in Washington and in the courts with an organized campaign that recognizes mother’s rights and strengthens protections for Victims of crime.  We must strengthen children’s human and constitutional rights  and hold the Judiciary accountable for a legal system to consistently provide appropriate protection to those who cannot protect themselves.

Help us By Demanding Federal Oversight Hearings of Child Custody and Family Courts of America.  Contact your congressional representative today and demand they address the injustice of Mothers being failed by our legal system.  This failure to protect can no longer be tolerated in a civilized society where equality and representation in the courts should be upheld both domestically and internationally by our constitution.

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Eliminate Dangerous HHS Funding Fueling a War on Children

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To Whom It May Concern:

Children are being taken from safe nurturing mothers and given to identified or adjudicated batterers and molesters by divorce courts. Safe mothers are often placed on supervised visitation or lose contact with their children entirely. These human rights violations occur to an estimated 58,000 children nationally every year, according to Leadership There are a variety of reasons for these outcomes, including gender bias and resource inequality between victims and offenders.

However, federal policies and funding streams contribute significantly to this egregious problem. It has been difficult to tease out the strands, but at this point we believe there are at least four major funding areas that elevate fathers over mothers, with only lip service to child safety.

  1. Temporary Assistance to Needy Families provides about $300 million for marriage/fatherhood/two parent families. There is no data showing this funding leads to better outcomes for children. In fact, the exact opposite is happening.
  2. Claims Resolution Act of 2010 HR 4783 provides $150 million in grants for marriage and fatherhood.  Grants go to father’s rights groups, visitation centers, courts, mediation centers. Fathers receive help in divorce court.
  3. Social Security Block Grants Title IV-B designated for children and youth programs  fund family centers which encourage released prisoner fathers to return to families. Children do not benefit from having convicted batterers, drug lords, or gang bangers in their homes, and should not be asked to help socialize these men.
  4. Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) Social Security Title IV-D offices run access to visitation programs which pay professionals to be involved in families and litigation., draconian measures used to collect child support lead to abusers, especially ex prisoners who have trouble getting jobs, receiving enormous financial incentives to get custody and child support, instead of getting jobs and paying child support. One attorney called children “little walking bags of money” because attorneys make such a handsome living on custody litigation, fueled by taxpayer dollars.


When domestic violence shelters emerged in the 1970s and 1980s, women could escape violence. Children were not so lucky. The batterers’ 1991 manifesto, inelegantly titled Screw the Bitch by Dick Hart, laid out their intended scorched earth policy. They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. In the past 20 years in the United States, over a million children were taken from safe mothers and placed with fathers they accused of violating them. The historical precedents of taking children for political reasons in Spain (300,000) and Germany (400,000) pale in comparison.,


A child is a human being with the basic human right to be raised in safety by a safe nurturing primary attachment figure. This natural right is violated whenever the child is taken from a mother and placed with an abuser. The result is physical, psychological, and behavioral catastrophe.


The Inter American Commission on Human Rights found in 2011 that the United States is failing in its legal obligation to protect women and children from domestic violence in the Jessica Lenahan  Gonzales case. Federal programs leading to human rights violations must be modified or eliminated, so such unthinkable outcomes do not occur.


Please send this letter to your U.S Congress member to ask Congress to replace disastrous gender-biased fatherhood programs with positive parenting programs that teach both parents to raise children effectively without using punishment, and to hold Congressional Oversight Hearings to right these wrongs. Thank you for helping save children.

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Mothers of Lost Children, 


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FINAL Joint Resolution Streamlined SEPT 2015 WITHOUT notes

It states-

House Concurrent Resolution

Safety First for At-Risk Children In Court


Whereas:  Approximately 15 million children are exposed to domestic violence and/or child abuse, which are often linked, each year;


Whereas:  Child sexual abuse is significantly under-documented, and rarely addressed in the legal system;


Whereas: Child abuse is a major public health issue in the United States, with total lifetime estimated financial costs associated with just one year of confirmed cases of child maltreatment (physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse and neglect) of approximately $124 billion;


Whereas:  Research confirms that allegations of adult or child abuse are often discounted when raised in child custody litigation;


Whereas:  Many custody courts rely on neutral professionals who lack expertise in abuse and trauma, and states lack standards defining required qualifications for evaluators or required contents of evaluations.


Whereas:  Scientifically unsound theories such as “parental alienation syndrome”, “enmeshment” and others are frequently applied to reject women’s and children’s reports of abuse;


Whereas:  Research shows that abusive parents are often granted custody or unprotected visitation by courts, placing children at ongoing risk;


Whereas:  Researchers have documented instances of 175 children murdered by parents involved in contested custody cases in a two-year period, often after access was provided by custody courts over the objections of a protective parent;


Whereas:  Custody litigation involving abuse allegations is sometimes prohibitively costly as a result of  court-mandated payments to court-appointed children’s representatives, evaluators, mediators, parenting coordinators, therapists and other private professionals, often costing litigants over $65,000 per case;


Whereas: The Center for Disease Control states that “[s]ome of the worst health and social problems in our nation can arise as a consequence of adverse childhood experiences [i.e., physical and sexual abuse and exposure to domestic violence],” including lung disease, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, as well as substance abuse, depression, suicide, sexually transmitted diseases, and other medical and social problems;


Whereas:  The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) found that the United States is failing in its legal obligation to protect women and children from domestic violence.


Now, therefore, be it


Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate Concurring),


SECTION 1.  It is the sense of Congress that child safety is the first priority of custody and visitation adjudications, and courts should resolve abuse claims and safety risks before evaluating or adjudicating the best interests of the child.


SECTION 2.   It is the sense of Congress that opinions by third party professionals about adult or child abuse allegations in child custody cases should be considered only when the professional possesses or obtains documented expertise in the relevant type of abuse, trauma, and the behaviors of victims and perpetrators. States are encouraged to define required qualifications for evaluators.


SECTION 3. It is the sense of Congress that litigants should not be required to pay the fees of third party professionals where either party objects to the appointment and the fees would impose financial hardship on either party.


SECTION 4.  It is the sense of Congress that quasi-scientific theories or labels should not be applied in court unless they meet legal standards for admissibility of scientific evidence.



Congress should schedule oversight hearings on violations of human and civil rights of women and children in state family courts receiving federal funds.

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