I want my Motherhood.gov

Motherhood is the ultimate joy!  It encompasses everything about being a woman and no person on earth would be here in history if it were not for a mother.  Mothers Day is not the only day to celebrate mothers — mothers should be celebrated every day of the year.  Mothers also need to be protected from those who set out to harm them simply because of relationship or legal issues.  Mothers should be promoted because they raise the children that someday marry or have children with other families’ children.  Motherhood should be celebrated, and we want our Motherhood.gov!

Fatherhood.gov gets $50 billion dollars in US federal funding.  Why doesn’t there exist a motherhood.gov that gets half that amount:  $25 billion dollars per year to promote and reward good mothers?

We want our motherhood.gov and we want it now!


Love Mom? send a message to the Whitehouse today-
‪#‎Where‬smyMotherhood.gov? Dial 202-456-1111- president@whitehouse.gov.

Mr. President with$$$$$ 50 Billion a year in fatherhood.gov funding no wonder there’s a war on mothers- why are good moms losing custody? We need federal oversight! We need our Motherhood.gov!

send a letter-
The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
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The United States Federal Government spends $50 billion dollars per year on www.fatherhood.gov, but there is no www.motherhood.gov — why not?

The United States was made great by mothers and we think now the United States needs to support mothers too — we want our MOTHERHOOD.GOV!

We support loving mothers of all races and firmly demand an end to discrimination against mothers of any race or combination of races.  We want your pictures to post of mothers hugging their children.  Please email the pictures to IWantMyMotherhood.gov@gmail.com and state your permission for us to use your photo.

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