Eileen King -Executive Director for Child Justice, former Regional Director for Justice for Children  writes It should not hurt to be a child

Recently, on the issue of Parental Alienation Syndrome- Once again – if you are promoting PAS, you are sharpening the sword that cuts children out of the arms of loving, safe mothers. If you lost your children to an abuser, that is NOT “PAS” – it is abuse, coercive control, dv by proxy, coercive estrangement…”

Who We Care About and What We Do

  • Child Justice advocates for abused, neglected and at-risk children failed by systems that should protect them.
  • Child Justice works with local, state and national advocates, legal and mental health professionals and experts within the broad spectrum of child abuse, neglect, interpersonal violence and trauma.
  • Child Justice is committed to serve the often unseen and unheard children in custody cases where child abuse and domestic violence exist but are ignored or minimized.
  • Child Justice’s services include court-watch in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, emotional support for the protective parent/relative, and referrals to community services.
  • Child Justice may seek pro bono counsel for lower or appellate court proceedings for protective parents in financial distress.
  • Child Justice submits/signs on Amicus Curiae Briefs as an organization or in collaboration with other local and national like-minded groups.
  • Child Justice provides public policy recommendations based on our first-hand knowledge of how courts and child protection systems respond – or fail to respond – to a vulnerable child’s urgent need for protection.
  • Child Justice works with local and national media  to make sure that children’s stories are told and real change is ignited and sustained.

“Abusers often continue their coercive control and financial abuse into legal proceedings where child custody and access are decided. I’m still surprised how often this is overlooked in discussions about domestic violence and child abuse and how unaware most people seem to be that child abusers and batterers fight for – and often get – custody. It’s a tried and true way for abusers to punish the protective parent (most often the mother) and to silence the child.” -Eileen King, Executive Director, Child Justice  

A Step Towards Stopping the Entrapment of Domestic Abuse Victims