Motherless America

The best interest standard has created a motherless america 2

Family Court Judges in the USA are using the Best Interest Standard to shift custody from the Primary Attached Parent/Mother  to the battering and abusive father.  

When primary attachment is ignored; failing to recognize the essential bond of mother and child over the new ‘Gender Neutrality’ and “Friendly Parenting’ rules, this lays the foundation for fathers to take custody.  

Why are courts choosing Fathering over Mothering more and more? How is this in Best Interest of the Child when mother was the primary attached parent prior to divorce?  One wonders what is driving these decisions. Why are “Paternal rights” protected over the rights of a nurtured childhood?  Whatever happened to primary attachment? What about the safety of children in Domestic Violence Divorces? When will the rights of mothers be protected? Why are Judges failing to follow rules of court, and family law statutes that would otherwise protect the lives of children? How does funding play a role in the outcomes of family court proceedings?

What about the Natural Mothers Rights?

With fatherhood funding incentivizing these decisions one must ask if there were equal funding for Women would children be allowed to stay in the care of their nurturing mothers after divorce? How do we protect and support children’s development?  Where is my

In custody courts today fathers who fight (and they use every weapon available including junk science, false allegations, scorched earth litigation.. the fact that 70% of the time mothers are unrepresented in custody courts)….mothers retain custody 30% of the time! Even though the child was with mother majority of the time before separation.
  • A study by the Judges Association states that in Domestic Violence Divorces the perpetrator gets custody 85% of the time even when there is evidence of Child Sexual Assault…
That means Registered Sex Offender Fathers Get Custody!  Its the Best Interest of Fathers and Pedophiles! not Children.  (Best Incest Standards).
U.S. FAMILY COURTS SACRIFICING MOTHERS & CHILDREN Family Courts Behind an Epidemic of Pedophilia & Judicial Abuse-

31 states in the USA allow Rapists to gain custody of children while a growing number of states enable pedophiles to win custody over safe non-offending mothers.

Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault are failed by the system
  • Many mothers who seek safety from abuse are routinely prohibited from having even the most basic contact with their own children, not because they were unfit parents, but because they were outspent, out represented, and out-maneuvered in a court atmosphere not prepared to understand the needs of families dealing with domestic violence.



  • Domestic Violence Divorces are often called “High Conflict”, make up 15 – 20% of divorces that often become DV by proxy- the continuation of abuse through the courts.  These marriages included physical, emotional, sexual, economic/financial abuse of power and continue for years through the secondary abuse by proxy of a system of legal and financial abuse.  This miscarriage of Justice through ‘family courts’ has been documented for 30 years, often resulting in the abuser getting full custody of the children.


  • **Calling abuse or Domestic Violence Divorces- ‘high conflict divorce’ fails to criminalize the behaviors of a domestic violence case or sexual abuse case.  That terminology completely mischaracterizes the criminal activities. This intentional gender bias and judicial misconduct, is a violation of a victims rights. This term was developed and promoted by Father Rights Organizations, like those connected to the Children’s Rights Council, and court professionals who promoted the term through the AFCC.  By calling it ‘High Conflict’ the victim is blamed for this “situational couples violence” considering it “mutual abuse” and the children who witness this abuse will be said to have been “alienated“…so lets blame mom.
 Courts fail to protect victims of violence when they report abuse
  • “Two hundred years ago a system of legal slavery allowed for the ownership of human beings as if they were livestock. Children were ripped away from their mothers with as little consideration as separating a calf from a cow. In this country today, extreme forms of patriarchal rule promotes an institutional form of slavery where a woman must be totally obedient to a husband who has absolute control of her life. Women are subjugated by the court system that often strip a child away from the mother. “- Coral Anika Theill, BONSHEA Making Light of the Dark.

While it may seem like a distant past, these archaic rules of entitlement continue today over women and children in America.

  •  58,000 children a year are ripped from their mothers lives and placed in dangerous homes of fathers who evidence proved battery or pedophilia.  USA, circa 2015
  •  According to a conservative estimate by experts at the Leadership Council on Child Abuse and Interpersonal Violence (LC), more than 58,000 children a year are ordered into unsupervised contact with physically or sexually abusive parents following divorce in the United States. This is over twice the yearly rate of new cases of childhood cancer.
 Powerless to protect
  • Mothers are prevented from protecting their young in the USA. In the fight to protect her children, mothers are driven into poverty, marginalized, criminalized and pathologized in an attempt to sever the ties between the protective primary attached mother and child. For children there may be when courts allow fathers to abuse and neglect with impunity.
    • Research shows that when batterers request custody, 7 times out of 10 they receive it. (American Judges Association, Domestic Violence and the Court House: Understanding the Problem…Knowing the Victim, 2012)
    • Even more alarming, research shows that when children report sexual abuse in custody cases, more than 9 out of 10 of them are placed in the partial or full custody of their identified perpetrators. (Neustein & Goetting, Judicial Responses to the Protective Parent’s Complaint of Child Sexual Abuse, 1999)
  • Ordered to live with an abuser: How and why American family courts fail children
  • Courts Must Open Eyes and Ears to Abused Children

 False Beliefs and Myths about Custody

Daniel Sanders

When Judges award custody to a Batterer over the safe mother-

  • “When courts blame victims and fail to hold abusers accountable, they reinforce abuser behavior, subvert justice, disempower the victims, teach children that abusive behavior is permissible and may even be rewarded, and reinforce the cycle of violence. Most batterers know they can bring criminal and contempt charges at no expense to the abusers, but they take an enormous financial and emotional cost on their victims. The result is that many abusive men drag on the litigation and file spurious claims openly acknowledging they are trying to drive their victims onto welfare or into homelessness; half of all homeless women and children in the U.S. are homeless because of domestic violence.” – Joan Zorza, Esq.

    Batterer Manipulation and Retaliation Denial and Complicity In the Family Courts

  • Crisis In The Family Courts

Judge Sol Gothard on Family Court Corruption & PAS – Parental Alienation Syndrome

Who is a U.S. judge more likely to award child custody to?

  • Crisis in the Family Courts: Batterer Manipulation and Retaliation Denial and Complicity In the Family Courts. It’s hard to understand but it is more likely for a Judge to award custody to a Batterer over the safe mother,

Disorder in the Courts

  • Our society is currently giving mothers a powerful and crazy-making mixed message. First, it sOrdered to live with an abuser: How and why American family courts fail childrenays to mothers, “If your children’s father is violent or abusive to you or to your children, you should leave him in order to keep your children from being exposed to his behavior.” But then, if the mother does leave, the society many times appears to do an abrupt about-face, and say, “Now that you are spilt up from your abusive partner, you must expose your children to him. Only now you must send them alone with him, without you even being around anymore to keep an eye on whether they are okay.”  Mothers and Their Allies Take on the Family Court System: Child Custody Justice by Lundy Bancroft  

Follow the Money

  • The power to protect our young has been fought by suffragists for hundreds of years. The new system that works to maintain men’s age-old control of women and children is incentivized with Fatherhood $$$ that acts as a perverse reward. The courts not only enable the bullies, they are profiting off the suffering while creating a cottage industry that traffics our children. These criminal acts are barbaric and inhumane reported by the hundreds of thousands each year which go unpunished by the Justice Department and authorities of law.

Eliminate Dangerous HHS Funding Fueling a War on Children Tell Congress not to reauthorize! We say Audit….and federal oversight hearings!

Federally funded- Court Ordered Abuse – Profiting off the Motherless America

 Adverse effects on Children



coral many children form functional amnesia


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Motherless Children- Stigma in the Family Court System

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The High Cost of Child Abuse and Neglect

Report on Motherhood and the War on Women

 Save the Children’s Report on Motherhood puts American towards the bottom at #35 of the worst places to be a mother in the world.

Wanna help mom help the kids?

Please help us Ratify the ERA to ensure Constitutional Rights to Women and Mothers

Join the Mothers Civil Liberties Union and support fair funding with

Sign this Petition and send to your Representatives-

The petition reads as follows:

“We are asking for oversight hearings into the systemic failure of family courts across the country to protect children. When a battered mother leaves an abuser and attempts to protect her abused children, the family court gives custody to the batterer 70% of the time. No agency or organization intervenes. This is the same dynamic as domestic violence, where “might makes right”.
The collusion among state actors is blatant.Oversight is lacking in part because the appellate process is prohibitively expensive. The result of this surreal process is that children’s lives are being ruined.
The U.S. is now a country designated as a human rights violator. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is calling for U.S. legislation to greatly improve the protection of women and children from domestic violence. We call upon our elected representatives to investigate and remedy this shameful situation.”

Jessica Gonzales petitioned the US Supreme Court after the death of her three daughters that resulted from Law Enforcement failing to failed to respond to her pleas for help provide protection through a restraining order.  The United States Supreme Court ruled that she had no constitutional right to the enforcement of her restraining order in Little Rock, Colorado. Jessica and her Attorneys filed a petition with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) who ruled that the United States Violates the Rights of Women and their Children, 10 years later.  To date little has changed it the protection of Women and Children in the USA where   1.3 Million Women are physically assaulted in America each year.  Everyday 4 children die in their homes in America from Domestic Violence.

Jessica’s Story

Call your Representative and demand Audits on Fatherhood Funding, Reunification, Access to Visitation,….We need Federal Oversight Hearings like the ones that the Surgeon General Ordered that resulted in Cigarette Companies Regulations and identifying the Health issues many resulting in Cancer.


Please sign this petition and share it with your friends. Our children are counting on us.

Safety First in all Custody Matters.

Billions of our taxpayer dollars are wasted needlessly every year through this broken system. The outcome is always great suffering for the children, but as we all know, in the most dire cases, it can also lead to their deaths. In fact, a research project tracking custody-related child deaths between 2009 and 2010 identified that a total of 175 news reports were published about children being killed by their abusers during that brief two year period.

After hearing testimony at a Congressional briefing about the abject failure of family and divorce courts to keep our children safe, Congressman John Conyers was appalled. He later wrote:

“At the Congressional briefing, as the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, I, John Conyers, called for an oversight hearing to assess where we are in our work on the impact of domestic violence on children, and what more can be done.”

Click here to read Congressman Conyers complete opinion, “Preventing domestic violence must begin with the children.”

The United States must be proactive in ensuring the physical and sexual safety of abused children of divorce. It is imperative that our nation’s leaders fix this broken system to ensure that children like Jennifer are protected in the family courts. We demand that Congress hold oversight hearings on the need to reform the U.S. family courts.

The Worst Interests of the Child: The Trafficking of Children and Parents Through U.S. Family Courts

The worst interest of the child keith harmon snow

When Holly Collins tried to protect her children a family court judge acknowledged the abuse yet gave full custody to the physically abusive father who nearly killed his son….Holly Collins had no way out but one when her children cried for help…….Holly became the first American Woman granted asylum for her children and herself on grounds of DV and child abuse.

no way out but one 2


Join Mothers from across the Nation in bringing attention to this Crisis in Health Care, family values, and safety for our children and our future.  Mothers will be protesting at the Whitehouse on Mother’s Day, protesting with Code Pink, attending the Battered Mothers Conference, and lighting candles in solidarity across the nation for mothers and their children caught in the Event of ‘Mothers of Lost Children”…..Mothers of the Disappeared America.  Moms are organizing and fighting back, join us!  Save our Children!!A million children

Mo Hannah at the Whitehouse

Mothers of Lost Children Prayer Vigil Northern California with Jennifer Green

Mothers of Lost Children Prayer Vigil NortherCA

Mothers Protest at the White house to let John David see his mother

Mothers of Lost Children fight Court Ordered Abuse

Mothers of Lost Children fight Court Ordered Abuse

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