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Congratulations to the Team of McQueen and Karr, the reviews are in and you did it, a hit! This touching and poignant story of a young girl caught off guard by a project, a song and her unanswered questions about her mothers absence in her life.  Now we’re looking forward to the Screenplay ladies!!!  Thank you so much Janie and Robin for putting to pen the story that needs to be told.  The kind of nonfiction that resembles life. Let’s hope life imitates art and it strikes a cord in the hearts of other motherless children and ignites a movement for mothers’ who have  ‘lost’ their children.  We recommend every Mother who has lost Custody get this book into your local library and your child’s school and local book store.  They need to know, get it into the hands of their teachers and counselors….they need to know the truth in order to help.Motherless Child Project

The Motherless Child Project YA Novel is here!


December 15, 2014| Atlanta

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In her fictitious upscale Charleston, South Carolina life, the biggest problems 16-year-old Emily Amber Ross has had to face run along the lines of designing alternative Halloween costumes, losing five pounds before school pictures, sourcing aromatherapy candles, and finding a bridesmaid dress out of season.

Until she hears an old gospel song that leads her to question who she really is. And when she decides to launch a school Internet community project based on that song—which she names The Motherless Child Project—she is plunged into a dangerous and disturbing world of judges, backroom deals, pandering middlemen and disappearing parents, and the realization that her whole life has been a lie.

Drawing on the lush South Carolina Lowcountry backdrop that is the native home of award-winning author Janie Brooks McQueen, The Motherless Child Project, written with Kentucky native and fellow writer Robin Karr, paints a world where everything looks just right… but which is revealed to have had a deeply dangerous faultline running beneath it all along.

Another tragic story of our Motherless Children Hurting themselves.  Mothers and children are committing suicide as a result of the pain and relentless angwish they feel.  The depression of seperation, coupled with the abuse they have sustained.  The unbearable, unthinkable crimes against mothers and children must stop.  These inhumane, terrorist acts are committed everyday across America, in homes and Family Courts in the name of ‘Best interest Standards’.

Motherless children commit suicide

We remember Kodi Hawthorne, of Port Orchard despondent over losing her daughter Ryah. Each time we go to DC, we remember all the mothers who have struggled and their children. We pray that no more mothers or their children will perish as a result of this inhumane treatment and terrorism.

Cody Hawthorn and Ryan

Radio Interview –

Leslie Carol Botha – Holy Hormones Honey! – 01-07-2015 with Robin Karr & Janie McQueen


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Did you know that during a divorce mothers lose custody of their children to known abusers – often ex-husbands? What you read here and listen to in this exclusive interview with McQueen and Karr is going to shock and disturb you. But thousands of mother’s and professionals like Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB, who recently wrote an article about the Justina Pelletier case states that the judicial system is designed to destroy the mother-child bond.

If you are a mother without custody, know that you are not alone. Approximately 58,000 children are ‘legally’ taken from their mothers each year through the family court system in the U.S. ~ Robin Karr, Mothers Without Custody World

In 2008, Liz Richards with National Alliance for Family Court Justice (NAFCJ wrote an opinion piece in a Parent’s Forum in the Washington Times pointing out the fact that fathers’ rights groups coach men on stalking, harassment and sabotage tactics during custody hearings. By the time a woman who has been abused gets to court she is often emotionally and physically exhausted. And then she is barraged by a set of tactics to sabotage whatever sanity she has left.

Robin Karr and her children 2

Robin Karr and her children

We had to flee the USA to be protected Jennifer Collins

Courageous Kids Speak Out

Jennifer Collins director of courageous kids


When Garland Waller set out to document the inspiring story of Holly Collins and Her Children she did so with the effort to bring to the big screen the issues of Domestic Violence Victims Denied Justice and Protection in the US and the pattern of state court judges trafficking children in the United States. When we consider the fact that known perpetrators are being given custody of vulnerable children over and above the pleadings of safe mothers with evidence in hand we must consider this trafficking. Sold to the highest bidder.

Mothers are out spent and outmaneuvered and courts are failing to provide equal protection and representation under the law. Motivated by the fact that Americans need to see the truth of what’s happening in Courts across the nation, No Way Out But One was created. Holly Collins and her Children would become the first Americans to be given Asylum in the Netherlands. Amazingly, In September of 2011, Holly and her children safely returned to the United States after years of living as fugitives. Theirs is a story of hope, determination, and, ultimately, justice. In the process of learning about Court Ordered abuse and trafficking, we wanted people to be inspired and motivated to take action.  

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