This Chanukah join us in dedicating 8 nights of peace

Share This:  December 2012/ Chanukah 5773 Dear Friend, This Chanukah, will you join us in dedicating 8 nights to peace? With these simple actions below, you can help bring peace to families impacted by abuse – and strengthen our community’s ability to prevent family violence. Try one or more of these ideas in the coming week. … [Read more…]

Today Mothers give thanks

I am so grateful for all of the efforts being made on behalf of the children and their mothers.  I Pray for the day when the children will be returned to their loving mothers and better protection for children in the future.  I pray for this lawless america.  That good people will be awakened from … [Read more…]

Save Childhood

   Take the Oath, to protect our nations children.  It is estimated that 1 in 3 girls are sexually assaulted before the age of 18, 1 in 6 boys are sexually assaulted before the age of 18!  These statistics are of epidemic proportions.  95% of all physical and sexual abuse of children is someone they know.  The father, … [Read more…]

The National Safe Child Coalition announces: a day of thanksgiving for a Safer Childhood Demonstration Nov 19, 2012

Please Post/Share                               Giving thanks for our children and working to make childhood Safer   Press Release: Re:  Announcing a day of thanksgiving for a Safer Childhood Contact: Connecticut: Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, California: contracosta,: San Diego, Los Angeles, Napa/Sonoma:   The National Safe Child Coalition invites you to … [Read more…]

Mothers Day In DC

ON MOTHERS DAY 2012 YOU COULD HEAR THE MOTHERS CRY, “WHY DO JUDGES GIVE CUSTODY TO BATTERERS AND MOLESTERS?  ASK US…MOTHERSOFLOSTCHILDREN came from all over the United States.  MOTHERS OF LOST CHILDREN CAMPAIGN to end child abuse and civil rights violations in Family court.  Every year, 58,000 children of divorce are placed with abusers.  When … [Read more…]

Batterers and Molesters Get Custody

“If grapes were kids, would you protect them” did you know  your tax $$ fund child abuse? mothers of lost children ask the ways and means committee “why we reunite batterers and abusers with the children they molest?” Do you know that your congressmember is on this committee? Are they aware of the abuses in … [Read more…]

Tell the president to stop the abuse!

Our government is violating our civil and human rights Mothers of lost children Ask the federal government for a federal investigation and hearing Tax payers are funding abuse without their knowledge State family courts are indited with a failure to protect   We want a national safe child protection plan That would insure our homeland … [Read more…]