Reform American Courts

Recalls and Impeachments are the only way!  The Judicial Council has refused to hold Judges Accountable, while state legislators fail to reform…send a Judge to Jail see things change.

Kids for Cash Judge goes down! If you don’t know this story, it gives us hope that the public will come to know the corruption and injustice Children face at the hands of Judges in the US.

We look forward to more Judges going to Jail, impeachments and recalls!

Who Judges the Judges?

American Courts are violating Civil and Human Rights of Mothers and their Children.  Let’s Stop Court Crimes by joining together to address Court Ordered Abuse/CLA.  We support Trauma Informed Courts that provide safety for Victims and protect children from further abuse.

equal justice under law


We recommend filing complaints with the DOJ, the IACHR, States Attorney Generals, addressing failures of District Attorneys, CPS, and Family/Dependency Courts,  Grand Jury Complaints, demands for Jury trials, Recall of Judges and Impeachment, We support Audio and Video taping of all issues related to court proceedings,including interviews with social workers.  Jury trials for criminal proceedings.

We support Trauma informed Courts and threat assessment tools used during orientation, and documented court watch to improve accountability.

Recalling and Removals of Judges will send a message that we will no longer tolerate the violations of rules of law, threats to the constitution, and treasonous acts.  We will be watching for the Rico cases moving forward and Civil litigation necessary to turn this around and reform a system that provides safety for perpetrators and rewards the bullies.

  • “Occasionally it might be necessary for a party to protect himself from the prejudice of a Judge by calling a jury.” 
  • “It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.” ~ Thomas Sowell
  • How can the legislature upend the executive branch who’s role is to hold order over the state Judges by commissioning their authority to other State Judges? By appointment they put the fox in charge of the hen house, therefore:  The need for accountability and transparency can not be any clearer.  Such rigorous investigations of misconduct in the courts can not be left a Commission of Judges:
  • No one over 11 believes it’s working

California Commission on Judicial Performance are appointed by legislation, we need to be moving for a Juried Commission to hold oversight over State Judges.  In addition to accountability of state Judges, a need for accountability of ethics and the adoption of a “Do No Harm” policy for Law professionals in Family courts.  In addition we need second look committees such as Grand Juries to address Custody Matters when a complaint is filed. These issues are far to important to rely on a costly and time consuming process of appeals when children’s lives are at stake.

A child’s future must be addressed with more respect and care for a nurtured childhood, devoid of unnecessary trauma.  It should be the interest of the court to do as little harm to the child as possible beginning with giving higher regard for primary attached relationships.

Such reform of the Judicial procedure for Custody courts should include restructuring of the process.  To include whole family threat assessments, knowledgeable advocates for children educated thoroughly in child growth and development and trauma informed care should be part of the decision panel not a Judge, a Judge can enter the order but fails miserably in understanding the important nuances of childhood.

Click here to File a complaint – State of California Commission on Judicial Performance   for other states easy to web search

court watchThe need for accountability and transparency will be addressed through eyes in the courtroom by way of Court Watch and cameras.

Great model program National Family Court Watch

The National Family Court Watch Project is dedicated to providing an impartial assessment of the effectiveness of family courts in dealing with custody, visitation, support and property issues.

This project focuses on how well child protection and family violence concerns are resolved.

WhistleBlower Judge Speaks Out About Family Court’s Failure to Protect Children Former Judge DeAnn Salcido says Family Court is a “circus” and so is the training

Judge Salcido Speaks Out to Fox News

Judge Sol Gothard on Family Court Corruption & PAS – Parental Alienation Syndrome


Jessica Gonzales v. U.S.A.

In August 2011, the Inter-American Commission issued a landmark decision which found the United States responsible for human rights violations against Jessica and her three deceased children. Jessica Lenahan (Gonzales) v the United States is the first case brought by a domestic violence survivor against the U.S. before an international body. The IACHR ruling also sets forth comprehensive recommendations for changes to and policy pertaining to domestic violence.

2012 U.S. Department of Justice Study  

Child Custody and Visitation Decisions in Domestic Violence Cases:
Legal Trends, Risk Factors, and Safety Concerns

Domestic Violence, Abuse and Child Custody

On September 19, Center for Judicial Excellence, CPPA and Dozens of Concerned Citizens and Litigants whose civil Rights have been violated representing 17 counties protested outside the Judicial Council and met with the Managing Attorney Robert Buckley for the Office of the General Council.  After Months (and Years for many litigants who have filed complaints) Concerned Citizens with the help of Center for Judicial Excellence and Attorneys from across the state demanded a meeting with Chair to the Judicial Council.

Stop Court Crimes event Judiciary Council Stop Court Crimes

 Coming soon…More Sample Court Documents

Collective Complaints to Judicial Ethical Commissions
Project to Get Ethical Commissions to Censure or Remove Judges Who Cover Up Child Sexual Assault

There are only two ways to hold judges accountable (besides going public): 
1.  Appellate Courts for legal and procedural violations
2.  Ethical Commissions for ethical violations Appellate Courts almost always side with the abuser using the broad discretionary standard bequeathed to family court judges. In the rare case that they side with the protective parent, they normally just send it back to the trial court where the judge continues to grant custody to the abuser.That leaves the Ethical Commissions to put a stop to judges endangering children. They can discipline, censure or remove judges for unethical conduct. It is unethical to cover up sexual abuse, so Safe Kids International is organizing a mass complaint to ethical commissions all over the world. Although thousands of protective mothers have submitted complaints to no avail thus far, hopefully by doing this collectively and identifying the similar tactics the judges are using to cover up abuse, it will make a difference. If they do not take action, then we will hold the commissions accountable for participating in the cover up. 

Outline for Complaint to Ethics Commission
for Judicial Misconduct and Bias Leading to Endangerment of a Child
(i.e. for Covering Up Sexual Abuse)

TEMPLATE for Complaint to Judicial Ethics Commissions
for Cover Up of Sexual Abuse

Complaint Submitted to California Commission on Judicial Performance

All reports of suspected child sexual assault by a parent as defined by Penal Code 11165.1 shall be immediately submitted to law enforcement for investigation by a multidisciplinary team. All collateral investigations shall be stayed pending final determination of the criminal matter. A no-contact order shall issue upon filing and shall forbid all contact between the child and the accused parent pending final determination of the criminal matter.All cases shall be submitted to the District Attorney. Priority shall be accorded the criminal matter in that the criminal case will proceed first and expeditiously and all related non-criminal matters shall be stayed pending final determination of the criminal matter. If the criminal matter proceeds to trial, whether by judge or jury, the fact-finder shall first determine whether the charges have been proved beyond a reasonable doubt. If a determination is made that none of the charges have been so proved, there shall be no criminal conviction.The fact-finder shall additionally make a civil finding as to whether the charges have been proved by a preponderance of the evidence. If the charges are proved either beyond a reasonable doubt or by a preponderance of the evidence, a long-term no-contact order shall issue forbidding all contact between the child and the offending parent until the child reaches majority. A minimum condition for a plea deal is a no contact order issued until the age of majority.This order shall not be modified by any other court in any related or collateral legal proceeding.

[Wendy Murphy, J.D., former sex crimes prosecutor, CNN/Fox legal analyst and law professor helped draft this legislation]

We support AB-1828 Child Welfare Bill – Sammy’s Law providing tape recording with Social Workers.