Medical Kidnapping

The erosion of Parental Rights in America include CPS and Hospitals intervening in Medical decisions of parents.  This practice is called Medical Kidnapping.  Among the cases like Baby Sammy from Sacramento California who was the inspiration for an Audit request in 2014, and Connecticut teenager Justine Pelltier  who spent 16 months and two birthdays in state custody as the central but largely off-stage player in an explosive drama involving parents’ rights and the controversial new field of medical child abuse. There are two sisters Kayla and Hannah and there Mother Melissa Deigle who are helping to illustrate the potential harm and judicial interference and violations of constitutional law that are occurring daily in courtrooms across america.



Health Impact News originally reported the story concerning the two sisters in Arizona who were taken away from their mother over medical disputes: 10 and 12 Year Old Sisters Seized from Family by Hospital in Phoenix.

When we broke this story, the mother, Melissa Diegel, had just been ordered by the court to take down her blog, Facebook Page, and other social media sites where she told the story of her daughters’ medical conditions, and how the State of Arizona stepped in and took custody away from her because she allegedly questioned the doctors’ treatment. Melissa believed her daughters were getting worse, and not better, and wanted to seek a second opinion. She also believes that her daughters are part of a drug trial program, without her consent.

Seeking to obey the court order with the hopes that she could regain custody of her children, she took down all of her information from the Internet. However, an advocacy group which had been following her case put up a different Facebook Page containing much of the information surrounding the family’s case. Health Impact News republished information from this Facebook Page, and several other media sources did as well.

As the Diegel family story gained national exposure, the family court judge in this case apparently threatened Melissa Diegel. We had never spoken or corresponded directly with Melissa Diegel, but she sent us this email message on October 3, 2014:

The court has ordered that I contact you and ask you to to remove information regarding my daughters case.

Sincerely,  Melissa Diegel

Health Impact News did not comply with this request, and neither did several other media sources practicing their Constitutional right to freedom of speech.

Soon after this, many other parents and advocates from Arizona began to contact us at Health Impact News with very similar stories, and was born. What parents and former foster care victims told us painted a picture of a very corrupt system operating in the State of Arizona. We published a follow-up article: A History of Medical Kidnapping at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

But since the publication of that story in October, we have published many many more stories and articles about the system in Arizona that takes children away from families and puts them into foster care at a rate higher than any other state in the United States.

Learn more about abuses of parental rights and medical kidnappings in Arizona.

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