Stop! Don’t call Cps for Child Abuse Disclosure

Hands“The best way to protect the non-offending parent and the child victim from the inherent risks and abuses of the CPS system is to stay as far away from CPS as possible,”  Maria De Santis.

Cps is a divisive tool and an easy mark…the problem is system wide….but it is the most widely misunderstood vehicle to the loss of custody for safe mothers.

Special Warning for Mothers; if you believe your children are being sexually assaulted; DO NOT REPORT TO CPS! CPS IS NOT AN INVESTIGATIVE AGENCY, Call law enforcement after getting the disclosure on camera or tape, if the perpetrator is the father take the child to a board certified child therapist and allow the disclosure to be made here, find a mandated reporter – ie a teacher for the child to talk to who will make the report to Law enforcement on your child’s behalf.  You have no idea how long these events have been going on, just breathe and act carefully.  Today, in family court proceedings batterers and molesters are receiving custody 85% of the time after disclosures are made, irregardless of the evidence.  For those who have custody orders of shared or joint custody – Your children are safer with you 50% of the time than 100%, so be careful.  Know what you’re up against.

For those unaware of the Governmental Policies and Biases that work against reporting mothers/protective parent, this comes as a shock and you may find it hard to believe, that by reporting abuse you may lose custody.  The very agency you grew to believe was there to protect your children, will in fact, fail them.  The first thing that goes through your head  of course when dealing with an abuse issue is you should call CPS thinking, ‘they are there to protect children’………Wrong!….to date CPS fails as many children as they protect maybe more.  CPS/DHHS may be contributing to the growing ‘Child Trafficking’ through foster care and the courts, and increasing medical kidnappingsand legal abductions in our country. It makes no sense.  For many this advice comes a little too late.  Please, share.

It seems contrary to everything you have been taught….but CPS is no friend to mothers. If a mother passes the gauntlet of unplaced suspicion and double standards and cps reports to the DA,  (or if the police report to the DA) the DA often refuses to prosecute sexual assault especially of children for all the same issues; funding issues , bias, protecting fathers rule. Like Domestic Violence, the relationship between the victim and the perpetrator will determine whether criminal charges are filed…Male entitlement is very much in play as it is unlikely that law enforcement will file charges against one of their own. If they take the case and lose they look bad, and are often sued, budgetary issues are in play and they pass the buck. As they pass back to cps/police, they will recommend you file in civil court through family court proceedings and get orders of protection, without a substantiated case of sexual assault the Judge will deem you as a liar and inferring in custody, you are now the Parental Alienator and unfriendly parent, it’s a slippery slope.  Mothers be aware…..have you seen No Way Out But One?

We would add that recording all interactions with both law enforcement and cps is vital to protecting your rights, have witnesses wherever possible, and document everything.

Mothers are learning the hard way…Moms Need ERA!

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