Why Mothers March

Mothers of Lost Children, a grassroots advocacy and support organization run by mothers who have lost custody of their children as a result of making child abuse allegations.  This phenomenon has become a National Crisis, a historic era…motherless children due to judicial abuse of power.

“Why I March” was an event on facebook last year asking for Mothers to share their stories. Some of our Mothers have been actively lobbying for many years.  We are so grateful to Linda Marie for sharing her experience.

linda marie sachs

Why I March….from Linda Marie Sacks, a Mother from Daytona Beach, Florida

“I March to keep my promise to my daughter’s. In 2007, they said “Mommy fight for us and do something every day to get us back and don’t ever stop”.  

I March as one Mother, but I stand for the thousands and thousands of Mothers who have lost custody of their children, unjustly through the failure of the family court and “official avenues” who have failed to protect them.

I March to let the world know that in America we have a national crisis. In the last 20 years, over 1 million children have been court ordered to unsupervised contact with a physically or sexually abusive parent following a divorce in the United States.

I March to speak for my daughters and all of America’s children who named and identified their named perpetrator, only to be called a liar by the family court judge, given a false diagnosis by the Court Elevator to dismiss, ignore and suppress credible evidence of abuse and then place the children in the physical custody of the abusive parent.

I March to let the world know that the safe, “Protective Parent” has all rights terminated, or is placed on supervised visitation without a case plan or reunification plan for years and years.

I March to let the world know that the Child Protective Services does not protect children, but the protection is for the perpetrator. I March to tell the world that and batterers and molesters are getting custody of our children. I March so that one day we will have Congressional hearings.

I March on behalf of all Mothers who are in fear of judicial retaliation, I March for countless Mothers across the US who have their Constitutional Right to Freedom of Speech violated and have been erroneously Court Ordered  “gagging” them from speaking about their case…

I March to keep my promise to my children and all of America’s children, that I will always do something every day to speak up for this injustice and one day justice will prevail for all of our children.”

Mothers Lose Custody for Reporting Sex Abuse

byLinda Marie Sacks


Linda Marie Sacks-

Sacks vs. Sacks – US Supreme Court Case – Family Courts and CPS systematically covering-up child sexual abuse




We Support Linda Marie Sacks as she Presents her Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court

We are Gathering more stories for

“Mother’s are Marching”

Across the nation mothers are gathering, protesting and praying to address issues of abuse, environment, gun sense, education, equality and Mother’s Right’s-to protect herself and her children.

Join us in telling the story about injustice in the courts, and Domestic Violence Divorces. Your experience losing custody.  How it effected your health, and the health of your children.

Stop Court Ordered Abuse and Child Trafficking

Please join us in DC and our efforts to bring our children home. Mothers of Lost Children are returning to Washington DC for our 5th year of protests, vigils and march’s.Your tax deductible donation will be used to send a mother to Washington defraying the costs of this grassroots movement.

Thank you for your support help us send mothers to washington-http://mothersoflostchildren.org/send-a-mother-to-washington/

Mother’s return to Washington DC for vigils and march’s throughout the year.  Across the nation mothers participate in acts of non-violent free speech/civil disobedience and Silent Vigils.  We are fighting for Equal Justice under the law and protection for our children.

Our Mothers protest year round to bring attention to the inequity and child endangerment issues in custody courts in Domestic Violence Divorces.  We protest at courthouses on social media, participate in court watches and public protests.

We want to thank all the Moms for sharing their stories.  A big thank you to our advocates who travel to Washington DC and those at home helping to support these efforts.  We thank you and are honored by your strength and commitment to help us create a safer nation for the children.