Why I March – April Robyn Oregon, USA

A National Scandal in the Senate Bldg

Office of U.S. Senators 
112 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

“Why I March”

April Robyn, Mothers of Lost Children

I march for the children who have lost their voice in this horrible ‘justice’ system.

I march for the protective mothers who are so beaten down by our so called ‘justice’ system.

I march not just in Washington, but everyday. I am continually horrified at the stories of protective moms being punished for having common sense. We don’t let strangers rape our kids, so why should family members be exempt??? We tell our children to speak out about abuse and then the children are punished. Taken from their homes. Taken from their protective parents. Taken from their childhood. How many of us have told our children that they will not be hurt again; only to have the so called “justice system’ “protect’ them by court ordered abuse. Everyday I work on the anger that is infused in me because children are not believed, not protected and made to live with their rapist.