Why I March- Barry Goldstein

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Mothers of Lost Children Barry Goldstein

Why I March with Mothers of Lost Children- Barry Goldstein

Over the years I have seen, heard and experienced all too many real stories of children suffering because of the failure of courts to protect them. Most of the public is unaware of the extent and severity of the problem because the media has failed to cover the scandal and the courts seek to silence its victims. Most contested custody cases are really domestic violence cases but courts constantly disbelieve true allegations because they don’t have the training to screen for domestic violence and routinely rely on unqualified professionals. The abuser groups have been successful in using the custody courts to regain control over their victims. This has undermined the work to prevent domestic violence and led to an increase in homicides after years of decline. Accordingly it is especially important for men to support protective mothers and act in ways that will make them want to view us as allies.

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BARRY GOLDSTEIN J.D., a nationally recognized domestic violence expert, speaker, writer and consultant. Newly published: The Domestic Violence Survivor: Critical Legal Issues; Effective Safety Strategies co author Elizabeth Liu, J.D.
Representing The Domestic Violence Survivor
Critical Legal Issues; Effective Safety Strategies
By Barry Goldstein, J.D., and Elizabeth Liu, J.D.
“… a must for every practitioner representing abuse survivors.”
—Margaret B. Drew, J.D. LL.M. Domestic Violence Consultant

“. . . this book will help attorneys overcome the advantages abusers have in court and in the process help good judges learn the best ways to protect children and avoid being manipulated by common abuser tactics.”
—Rita Smith, Executive Director, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Successful advocacy begins here …

Demonstrate abusers’ history and pattern of abuse
Respond to common legal tactics abusers use
Use current behavioral science research to support your client’s case
Successfully work with—and, if necessary, challenge—court-appointed “neutral” individuals such as guardians ad litem and mental health professionals
Understand trauma and incorporate healthy and productive ways of addressing trauma into case work