Why I March – Dara Carlin Hawaii

dara carlin no paradise for abused children

Dara Carlin, M.A. has spent the majority of her life working in various social service capacities in NY, VA and HI fighting against the effects and consequences of domestic violence and child abuse. She holds a Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy from Hofstra University in NY, a Bachelors in Sociology from Jacksonville University in FL and is most recognized as an independent Domestic Violence Survivor Advocate, Consultant & Trainer. The role she treasures most, however, is that of mom. A survivor of both child abuse & domestic violence, Dara is happily remarried to the love of her life in Kailua, Hawaii.
We are proud to march shoulder to shoulder as Mothers of Lost Children with Dara Carlin.
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Why I March –

The advocate implored me to “Tell me what’s going on and we’ll keep you and your children safe”. I knew she believed that but even then I knew it was a promise that she would not be able to keep – I worked in “the system” – and though I “knew better” I also believed in the system I worked in; I believed in it so much that I trusted it with my precious children… Although I was allowed to keep my children, I lost my daughter by misplacing my faith in the system.

I march to call attention to the system that’s harming the children it was created to protect.

I march in solidarity with my soul sisters & our supporters who are the only ones who understand my heartbreak & heartache.

I march in memory of those we’ve lost along the way, in the hope to spare others our fate & to bring an end to a betrayal of the worst kind.

Dara Carlin, Hawaii