Why I March for Elsa Newman

Margaret candler in Washington

Mothers’ March on Washington D.C. October 2014

Mothers of Lost Children are returning to Washington DC for our 5th year of protests, vigils and march’s.  Margaret Candler is devoted to the “Free Elsa Newman: an innocent mother” campaign

Margaret Candler, Maryland, USA

Why I March for Elsa Newman Elsa and kids


When I carry my sign to Free Elsa Newman on the DC Metro, people often ask me about it. No one can understand that good moms are OFTEN trashed when they mention child abuse in family court, Everyone believes that American courts ALWAYS give custody to good moms. May that time come! Annually family courts place 58,000 children in the unsupervised care of their abusers (The Leadership Council.) Sign if you haven’t and spread the word: www.justice4elsanewman.com

Elsa Newman is and innocent mother who has been falsely accused of a crime she did not commit. Elsa has served 12 years of a 20 year sentence and was denied parol in January 2013 Free Elsa

 http://www.thepetitionsite.com/5/Free-Elsa-Newman/Margaret Candler


You will find the story of Elsa Newman and a petition on the site please sign and share, help us free and innocent mother.A National Scandal

free an innocent maryland mother