Why I March – Maralee Mclean


Maralee Mclean Mothers of Lost Children holding signs

Why I March – Maralee Mclean

The first march was held in 1992 In Washington. This nightmare has continued for women and children nationally and internationally knowingly for three decades. The Courts are not protecting children who have been sexually abused  or physically abused and the children are forced to live with their abusers. Protective moms have fiercely fought to protect their children in the courts and have lost the most important person in their lives due to courts and professionals not competent to deal with domestic violence and child abuse.  Safety of our children first! No more sending over 58,000 children a year to live with their rapist and taken from the arms of loving mothers. These cases belong in Criminal Court with judges trained and a jury trial. This is Human Rights violations and Civil Rights Violations and is rampant. Women in every state and many international as well the numbers are staggering…

Why I March – I am a protective mom and have dedicated my life to this true nightmare for over 25 years. We need to set our children free of a lifetime of abuse and for these children not to be taken from the nurturing loving mother who is doing instinctively what is right.

Maralee Mclean with Mothers of Lost Children

MARALEE  MCLEAN is a child advocate, protective parent, domestic violence expert, professional speaker, and author ofPROSECUTED BUT NOT SILENCED: Courtroom Reform for Sexually Abused Children. Maralee has written several articles for the ABA Child Law Journal, Women’s E-New and other publications on the problems of family courts not protecting abused children. Maralee is with Women’s Media Center (WMC), SheSourceExpert, NPEIV (National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence) and is with RAINN speaker bureau. She speaks at conferences, law schools and is a national spokesperson for protective mothers.  Her passion for advocacy developed through living a mother’s worst nightmare. Fighting the system with body and soul, she gained the insight that this was not her nightmare alone. She organized a National Rally of Mothers at the Colorado State Capitol and has been involved in legislative work that spans over two decades.  She testified before Congress to promote judicial accountability to better protect sexually abused children’s rights in our courts. Maralee’s story has been covered by many media outlets and internationally on CNN.


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Prosecuted but not Silenced Mothers of Lost Children

Maralee Mclean

Courts Must Open Eyes and Ears to Abused Children

Thursday, January 9, 2014

My story is a case study of what is happening in many courtrooms where good mothers are having their children taken from their arms and handed over to their abusers. We must change our system so protective mothers and abused children are treated fairly.