Why I March – Maria Michigan

Michigan Women MarchI March because my back was broken with several herniated discs in my neck and a lot of soft tissue damage, I was missing a quarter of my face from rug burn from the same incident… This was all by my ex husband who then gained custody by paying people to lie on the stand, tell the courts that I was “faking” my spinal injuries and in the next breath telling the court I could not care for the children due to my injuries…

I went up against a corrupt judge who proceeded to throw me in jail 7 times for contempt of court because I could not afford to pay my ex who disabled me 1,300.00 dollars a month in child support despite my disability being only a little over $700.00 a month, I was jailed for smoking a cigarette, the judge told me to violate ATF laws and sell a cigarette if someone were to give me one. I have spent more then 3 months in jail, more then many convicted of crimes….Another 60 days in jail for keeping my son for his own safety when Child Protective Services told me to keep him or I could be charged with failure to protect… The judge stopped CPS investigations and also acted as my ex husbands personal attorney when he did not have one in court….

I fight because my children have been abused to the point that they are no longer comfortable with speaking of the abuse because every time someone has tried to help him the judge stopped them…. I fight because my children are not the only ones being abused by corrupt courts and abusive parents….

I fight because my son rather then living in abuse was pushed to suicide and despite mental health issues was given access to illegal drugs, alcohol, and an arsenal of guns including 2 glocks and a semi automatic in the care of my abuser and his family… He successfully committed suicide 4 years ago this month… There is so much more but it would take up the entire page to state it all!!!!

I fight because some Protective Moms are unable to due to PTSD or other issues including fear of retaliation….

I will always fight to keep children safe ♥♥