Why I March – Mildred Muhammad

Mildred Muhammad After The Trauma, Mothers of Lost Children

I March for the Mothers who have gone underground and are hiding their children.

I March for Mothers who are afraid to March for fear of being recognized and their children taken from them for participating.

I March for the Mothers who have not seen their children from one day to years and are physically unable to March or attend.

I March for every Mother who have not gone through this type of trauma praying that they never have to!

I March hoping this is the last year we will ever have to March again! Until that happens, I will continue to March!!!

Mildred Muhammad

International Expert Speaker on Domestic Abuse/Violence for the United States, Founder and Executive Director at After the Trauma, Inc.



Mildred Muhammad at the whitehouse


Mothers of Lost Children have been returning to Washington DC each year to demonstrate at the White house, protest at Justice, Health and Human Services and meet on the Hill with Congressional Leadership on the issue of Child Abuse and Custody.  In 2010 Mother began Demonstrating and were fortunate that Mildred Muhammad could join us and share her story.  Mildred Muhammad, author, activist, inspirational speaker, and ex-wife of the DC Sniper was a key note speaker at a Demonstration at the White house in 2010 and has met with congressional leadership on this issue of Intimate Partner Violence and Child Custody Protection for mothers and their children.

Mildred talks about the issue of Dangerous men getting custody, these Batterers and Molesters are getting custody in America in significant numbers each year. During our demonstration in front of the Whitehouse, Roseanne Barr was in Lexington Park. Mildred Muhammad shared the story of John Muhammad kidnapping the children as punishment for filing for custody, and the rampage of shooting randomly to cover up the intended target Mildred Muhammad his exwife and victim of Domestic Violence.

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Victims Rights Caucus – Stopping the Cycle of Abuse and Violence (Hosted by the Stop Abuse Campaign & NPEIV) – May 07, 2012, Mothers of Lost Children testified 
Mildred Muhamad and Deanna K