Why I March – Miriam S

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Why I March – Miriam S, Florida

As I get closer to arriving in DC for this event I find myself feeling angrier and sadder. It brings back all the pain and is a reminder of the pain the moms and children are currently suffering through. When I was put in jail for protecting my child at that time the media was covering “waterboarding’. I was thinking how much I would have given to let them “waterboard” me instead of taking my son from me for 6 years. If our country wants to condemn torture than they need to come to our aid. I ask myself, where are the protestors against the war, where are the ladies in pink, where are the human rights groups. I sat in jail and read what good traditional food the terrorist were getting in Gitmo, while the food they served us was barely edible. My heart is heavy for myself, my children, for all the losses, too many to count, for the stories of other women that I wasn’t able to warn. For the children who are taken away from a loving mother kicking and screaming. I will be there strong, outspoken and as a reminder that our government has made us into war criminals. Miriam S