Why I March – Ricky

The court mafiaI march to bring the eñd to this social holocaust. I march that those atrocities will no longer be called “mistakes ” or “BIAS” they are corruption.

I march to bring the end to all this racket. 

I march for truth investigative journalism to expose this holocaust.

I march to Bring end to all this racket.

I march to have the corruption  with in the DV movement bring to order.

I march to end all the abuse of the mental illness industry that promote violence.

I march to end all the funding that fuels violence and inhumanity.

I march to end the ignorance and indifference of the public.

I march to end the abuse of families.

I march so the horror to families will be Prevented not treated.

I march because instructing mothers how to live under duress in not a solution. The white house can do better.

I march so all mothers and children will be unified.  Ricky F