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–I march because I was kidnapped by an abusive parent, after I was removed from his custody and placed into kinship (foster) care.
I march because some children are kidnapped by good parents trying to protect their children from abusers.
I march because, whether kidnapped by an abuser or a protector, it is the child who loses.
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We march because the majority of child abductions in the US are of children involved in custody disputes, children in foster care, and homeless children attempting to escape abusive homes.

We march because, in over 98% of cases of abuse allegations in US family courts, the allegations are substantiated by forensic evidence, facts, witnesses, and child victims, but judges routinely find them to be false and give full custody to abusers and molesters.

The US family-court system is now one of the most corrupt legal systems in the world, with the US second only to Romania for the worst treatment and conditions of children.

Children who run away to escape abusers are vulnerable to kidnapping and trafficking. Resources for runaways:

Abused children in the court system are vulnerable to kidnapping by either parent. Resource for abducted children and their parents:

I was kidnapped by my abusive parent after I was removed from his care by the court and placed into kinship care. My kidnapper has never faced justice, and I have never received compensation for the damage caused by the crime. Please help:
http://www.tfund.com/kidnapping-help-fundTiffany Moon's photo.

We support our friend Tiffany Moon, Please share and help raise funds for Tiffany Moon Foundation “Abduction and kidnapping are uniquely devastating but common crimes. However, there is little support for or awareness of the needs of the survivors of these crimes. Professional knowledge about abduction and kidnapping is limited, statutes of limitations for prosecution are unclear and prohibitive, and mishandling by law enforcement is frequent. There is no psychological model for the abduction survivor, therapeutic treatment is still experimental, and specialists are rare. There is a lack of public services, almost no peer support, and a public unease and unwillingness to approach the real stories and difficulties of survivors of abduction and kidnapping. There is an unquestionable lack of recovery support.”http://www.tiffanymoonfoundation.org/ Donations are accepted or please buy this shirt for $20 and support the abduction recovery and bring awareness to Failures of Child Protective Services and Family Court Trafficing
There are only 5 days left! Can you purchase 10 shirts for your school, business, or group?Please spread the word. Can you share the campaign? If sidewalk chalk is legal in your city, please write the Web address on the walk in front of your office. Strips of paper work also. However you promote, will you please help reach the 150-shirt fundraising goal?


~Tiffany Moon Foundation