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About Family Court Injustice

"I was primary caregiver of 2 children until forcibly separated due to family court injustice. I have continued to fight for the return of my children, and restoration of my parental rights for over a decade."

“The Hague Convention Treaty” & Court Ordered Abductions

 The international organisation GlobalARRK that fights for rights of Protective Mothers and their children has concluded that only 1% of Protective Mothers is allowed to return to their country of origin with their children. We can therefore conclude that The Hague Convention Treaty has become a Fathers’ Rights deportation treaty. 

Jessica Gonzales vs. U.S.A.

 In the first case brought by a survivor of domestic violence against the U.S. before an international human rights tribunal, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) found that the United States violated the human rights of Jessica Lenahan (formerly Gonzales) and her children. The decision underscores that the U.S. is failing in its legal obligation to protect women and girls from domestic violence. 

NOW-Family Law Advisory Ad Hoc

There is a national crisis for women and their children in the family law courts of this country. 

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